There’s a Way

Do you have a guiding intention? A statement that you say to yourself that can pull you through anything

Maybe it's a theme song, a powerful image or feeling that guides your internal compass. 

If so, you have a miracle in your pocket. Yay! Intention setting and a positive mindset are the most powerful tools right now.

Don't worry if you don't have a guiding intention yet! We can help you get there. 

This is a recording of our free online event designed to bring our community of sensitive souls together and provide an opportunity to connect, meditate, and support one another. 

On this call: 

Watch Geneva deal with vaporized hot peppers at 00:44:00 and 01:08:00 and really demonstrate how you can use a powerful intention statement to pull you through anything. :')  

Every breath was fire... for 45 minutes. But she got through it. 

Often we are someplace uncomfortable. Deeply uncomfortable at times. Like now. With COVID-19 and the lockdowns all over the planet and all the consequences of that. 

But here we all are. In something, someplace, we'd all maybe rather not be. Now what? 

Having a statement to pull you through the muck is so powerful. It can be a guiding light that helps you rise above all the challenges.

Here are a few that light us up:

  • There's a way.
  • Everything works out for me.
  •  "Rise Up" by Parachute Club, "Rise Up" by Andra Day or another anthem of your choosing.
  • I love and approve of myself.
  • Keep going.
  • Stay open. Stay steady.
  • This will pass.
  • All is well.

When you light yourself up, you then have the power to light the way for others. And the ripple of that in people's lives is enormous. It makes a difference to you, first, and then it radiates out from you in every direction.

Often when you have a big dream, you invariably run into challenges and obstacles. That doesn't mean stop! Regroup and get creative. There's a way.


Ground, breathe, tune into the earth and your spiritual guides, your Divine Team, and ask for help to work through the inevitable uncertainty. Ask for a step, a baby step, and then surrender to the next action.

Balance the big dream with little steps that you take every day. Be steady, rooted in the present, and just take one step after another. 

Forward is forward.

Celebrate success in every moment. You are here, and you are creating a positive ripple just by being here. If you keep taking guided, mindful steps, you'll get to the top of your mountain.

Just know that the "How?" is the universe's job. Your job is to put it out there, put what you want out there, and then surrender and do the step you're on. 

When you do that, you create a bubble of energy around you. You become a magnet to what you are in harmony with, and opportunities arrive. You work in harmony with the guidance of the universe, and everything clicks


"I believe luck is preparation meeting opportunity. If you hadn't been prepared when the opportunity came along, you wouldn't have been lucky." ~ Oprah Winfrey


You are strong!

Another powerful statement and mindset is a simple belief in your strength. Don't mistake emotions and sensitivity with weakness. If you feel a lot, know that you are the definition of true strength.

Being strong is within you. You are courageous, and you have already overcome so much. You are the child of ancestors who survived all kinds of difficulties. Their strength is in your bones.

Connect with the strength of your ancestors, tuning into their guidance and wisdom. Know that energy is available to you now. It's yours.


Get to work lightworker! 

When you are engaged in compassionate, soul-guided action, the fear melts away, and only good will spring forth. 


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